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Speed Reader-X CD Version offers an excellent affiliate opportunity with a 30% commission on every base sale and an average product price of $29.

How it works(Physical CD Products)

It is very easy to make money as an affiliate especially if you have a website with many visitors.

  1. Setup an account on our affiliate page - We use Jrox Affiliate Manager.
  2. Post a link or image from below to your site.
  3. We send payments by PayPal every month to you.

When you use the special link that is generated in your account, our affiliate software places a cookie on the computer of the person who clicks the link on your site. If that person the

Once you sign up at the above affiliate site, you will be able to promote any of our physical products which have an affiliate program.


Speed Reader-X Online offers an excellent affiliate opportunity with a 40% commission on every sale and an average product price of $49.


 Step One: Sign Up with ClickBank

ClickBank is the world's largest digital product merchant. You can sign up for free and your account will be immediately active. To Sign Up WIth ClickBank, Click HERE


 Step Two: Put one or more of the below URL's on your website.

Speed Reader-X ONLINE Affiliate Links(Main Website)

Commission 40% Most purchased product price $49.95

You can use the following links on your site. Replace em5781 with the user ID that you create when you setup your ClickBank Account. When someone clicks on this link and purchases a product through the ClickBank site, you get paid.

Copy and paste this link into your website to promote the Speed Reading Program


To promote the Comprehension and Memory Program, use this link



To promote the Free Video Class on Youtube, use this link

The free video class is easy to promote because it is free. It is a complete 45 minute class that explains how speed reading works and why the viewer needs software to learn speed reading methods. When linking directly to youtube there is a risk the user may purchase the physical CD which would not result in credit. I suggest embedding the youtube video in your site and using the below buy link or linking to our site using the below link which goes to a special page that only links to the online version which is purchased through clickbank.

To promote the Free Video Class on for clickbank, use this link

Use the above link to go to a special page that promotes the clickbank version and only has clickbank friendly buyer links.


To promote the Free Video Class on but jump directly to the buy now page, use this link(use this for your own Buy Now button)



To promote the Free Speed Test, use this link

The speed test is a good secondary link to add to your site along with a banner or other link. The Speed Test allows users to find out what their reading speed is, and how it compares to speed readers as well as average reading speed.

Images and Banners

Right click and select Save Image As to save the image and upload to your own website.

(155 x 255)

(468 x 60 Banner)



You can use articles about Speed Reading on your website, quote from articles, or link to them directly at, a source for useful self-help articles.







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