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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer various products and each has its own FAQ. Please see the specific product web site for details on that product.

Help us to serve you better. By providing complete information and observing some common sense guidelines, you can help us provide you with a faster and more thorough answer to your support needs.

General Questions and Answers

Site Security And Ordering

Our web site and all order pages are independently verified through remote monitoring and testing. 

You can be confident your credit card and other information are secure. All order pages are SSL encrypted to prevent interception by third parties. All credit card information is processed in a secure facility and erased once validated according to established credit card industry standards of the PCI DSS.



Phone Support and Phone Ordering

Ordering By Phone

We no longer offer telephone support. Today, more people order by the web so it is not economical to offer phone order lines. We must pay for an operator and ordering system which would increase the price so ordering through the web site keeps prices low. It makes no sense to order by phone when we have a secure SSL encrypted order system online which is safer than ordering by phone. If you place a phone order at any company(any web site) all they do is pull up their own web site and type in your information for you which is something you could have done yourself on their web site. Companies do not have a different system for phone orders, they use the same web ordering system. Ordering by phone is less secure because you must give your information over an unsecured phone line to a stranger. Ordering through a company web site that is SSL encrypted is much smarter. We only accept orders through the web site because it is more secure, less expensive to process and avoids misunderstandings about shipping addresses or email addresses.


We do not offer phone support. Telephone support is inefficient and expensive to maintain. Our trouble ticket system is much more efficient. If the problem cannot be described succinctly and accurately in a trouble ticket, then there is no way the message could be explained by phone any more clearly. If we have to provide live telephone support, then even one support call means we loose money on that sale in excess of the value of the sale. It makes no business sense for us to provide telephone support for inexpensive products especially when any question can be handled through our ticket system more efficiently anyway. If you have a question, just use the online ticket system and we will be happy to respond.


Receiving Support

In order to receive a useful response, Please state what the problem is and provide any relevant information or explain how we can reproduce the problem, or how you were able to produce the problem along with any error messages, and especially which product you are using. General statements like "I cant download" or "It don't work" or "the product is not working" with no other details are not helpful because we have no way to determine what the problem is without knowing what you have tried or what error messages you are seeing and we especially cannot help if we do not know what product you are using. Sending general messages like "I cant get the CD to install, what do I do?" will result in generic responses because we have no idea what error messages are appearing or what about the install process is not working. Is your computer not reading the CD? Does an error message appear when you try to install? Are you running the installer or just inserting the CD and waiting? We have no way of knowing what the end user is seeing unless the user tells us. It is like taking your car to a mechanic and telling him "my car is not working right, how do I fix it." Without knowing what problems the customer is seeing, or what to do to demonstrate the problem, there is no possible way the mechanic could offer any useful advice. If the customer had told the mechanic "My car makes a knocking noise going up hills." then the mechanic can start to offer advice. If we do not know anything other than "the product will not run" then we cannot offer any specific advice. Please provide adequate information in your support request so we know what problem you are having and how to reproduce it..

We respond to legitimate trouble tickets in 24 to 48 hours during the business week. If your ticket has not been responded to in this time(not over weekends or holidays) file a follow up ticket by adding to your existing ticket. It may have simply been overlooked. We will not respond to spam or meaningless tickets which contain only one line with statements like "What is this?" or "I don't know what to do" because these are not legitimate support requests. A legitimate request has useful information and actually asks a real question in it. There is no possible response we could send for "What is this?" other than "it is what it is" because we have no way of knowing what "IT" refers to or what the actual question is. Yes, people do send these kinds of messages through our support system and we cannot help without knowing what the person needs help with.

Our support department does not use profanity when talking to customers and we expect the same courtesy. In our experience customers who insist on using unnecessary profanity or verbally attack support personnel without ever asking for help or attempting to resolve any issues are not interested in a solution but only interested in attacking someone to inflate their own ego therefore such messages may be ignored because such customers are not interested in a solution which is a waste of our support department's time.

If you do not receive an email confirmation after submitting a ticket, it means either the email address you listed is incorrect or is not functioning and you will not receive the email copy when your ticket is responded to. You can still view the ticket response but you will need to use the access code you are shown after the ticket is posted to access it and all responses later or you can bookmark the link which is shown on the final trouble ticket page to access it directly without the code. Make sure to save this access code or bookmark the trouble ticket link for your specific ticket if you do not receive the ticket information email.



Download Problems

We offer various products and some are available as immediate downloads. If you purchased a downloadable product then the download link was shown at the end of the checkout process or instructions were sent by email. All of our downloads use security measures to protect them from unauthorized downloading. Make sure your browser is not set to block all cookies and that your anti-virus is not set to block all cookies. Cookies are part of many web sites and are necessary to access our secure download pages. If you still have trouble downloading try downloading with a different browser like Firefox or Chrome or Internet Explorer(something different from what you first used).

All downloadable software should be saved to YOUR backup media in case you need to reinstall in the future. Downloads are only available for 30 days after purchase. We do not provide lifetime free replacement downloads. You will need to repurchase if you do not save your file and need to reinstall after 30 days so save your downloaded file to a proper backup media. It is the buyer's responsibility to exercise reasonable care in handling purchased downloadable software.

Online Courses

We offer various online courses which are available immediately after purchase. When your purchase is completed, you are given a link to click which will take you to the online course. If you do not click this link, you will still receive the access link and your login information by email. If you forget your password, simply click the 'forgot password' link on the login page for the course you purchased. Be sure to save this email so you can access your course later.




Refunds are subject to the specific terms on the product web site. We have different refund options, satisfaction guarantees, and different guarantee times for different products. Generally, product guarantees are listed on the web site for that product and vary by product.

Refund claims are subject to our TERMS. We only offer satisfaction guarantees(on those product that offer such a guarantee) on our own products therefore satisfaction guarantees do not apply to the end user's inability to use any product due to his/her lack of computer experience, inability to follow download instructions, or due to problems related to Windows(which is not our product) or computer settings on the user's computer(which we did not sell or manufacture). Our guarantee does not cover third party software such as any anti-virus software, java, Windows components or any other program you may have on your computer that interferes with or prevents our software from running. These are all factors outside of our control therefore no satisfaction guarantee covers problems in these areas. Any refund request due to a user's inability to use the product because of his/her own computer software or hardware limitations/failures, limited computer experience, inability or unwillingness to follow support instructions, will be ignored because our satisfaction does not cover products by other manufacturers or limitations of the user's ability, we can only guarantee our own products to work as advertised when they are installed correctly on a functional computer.

Educational multimedia and audio, such as DVD movies, audio books, are not subject to any guarantees unless they are specified on the web site for that product. We do not provide any refunds for educational movies or documentaries, entertainment movies or documentaries, or audio/CD/DVD programs that are primarily entertainment or educational courses unless such guarantees are clearly listed on the web site for that product





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